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interstate 880 and that's also doing very nicely, let's go back to the desk. and they are preparing to serve up thanksgiving meals to thousands of people in need. live at the salvation army, they will be delivering those meals in just a few hours. alex? >> reporter: we will be delivering those meals to folks who are home bound and folks who still want to have a nice hot meal still up and running and they are still getting everything ready, the stuffing is being prepared and the turkeys are somewhat ready, they have 5,000 meals to get ready to deliver later on this morning. i want to bring it in now with the salvation army and why are
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these meals so important? >> this brings the love with the meal on thanksgiving. we have a couple of hundred volunteers to bring the meals to the door to welcome the person to wish them a happy thanksgiving. it is a great experience. >> it means the world i'm sure to folks who are home bound. >> it is a great meal, turkey yams beans, string beans, yes, it is going to be fun. >> yes, so i understand hundreds of volunteers will be showing up. >> reporter: once the meals are prepared the volunteers will arrive at 8:00, they will get their routes and figure out the homes they will need to deliver and they will start at 8:00 this morning. for now live in san francisco
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at the salvation army, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well things are busy at the church where they will be serving meals at the church as well. mayor ed lee is making preparations and they will serve 5,000 meals throughout the day there. they will include ham, turkey sweet potato tows and stuffing. and they will figure out the mile turkey trot, the second largest in the nation. it includes a 5 and 10k run and a contest and other activities. benefits will -- proceeds will gang benefit local chart -- proceeds will benefit local charities. >> and despite the division
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49ers are making a switch at quarterback at least for this sunday. and crowds are already starting to form along the route of macy's thanksgiving day parade and there is papa smurf than parade is not scheduled to get underway yet. this is probably one of those staging areas where they get ready to go and people are hit by super storm sandy but there is some controversy. elmo is still ready to appear despite the person behind the voice and this is a
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thanksgiving day fun thing to do and people are lining up for black friday deals. some people have been camping out since last friday outside the best buy in san jose. look at those tents. they want to be the first in line when they observe at midnight and some are perks earns -- experiencing a backlash and they are asking them to give employees thanksgiving night off. some stores are not waiting until midnight. both wal-mart and seals plan to open 8:00 tonight. and the par gone outlets open at 10:00. well, some wal-mart employees are threatening to walk off at the height of the
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black friday rush. >> employees at the wal-marts on the boulevard plan to picket at 8:00 tonight. workers in richfield will rally tomorrow. many marched through a wal-mart calling for better pay >> i believe wal-mart should pay us more. and can afford to pay us more. >> organizers are expected to take place. the discount chains are not expected to disrupt holiday shopping. this morning, it is back up after they disrupted after the eve of thanksgiving. they were shooting at each other around 8:30 last night. one officer found a quarreled with bullets at the scene. all lanes were reopened last night and so far no injuries
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have been reported. it does not appear that freeway gun battle is related to a whom said that happened about a mile away. they got a call where the victim was injured and they drove him to another area and he was pronounced dead at the scene. a man fell to his death in a water filled quarry. he was looking for his cat tuesday and on the edge of that quarry. he fell down the 100-foot cliff and into the water. divers arrived too late, neighbors say he was devoted for his cat. >> i know he didn't intend to
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give his life for his animals but that's what happened. we will miss him. >> they will meet with the quarry owners and see if there is anything they could do. them gaza celebrated the news of the cease-fire as part of the cease-fire agreement, israel and hamas negotiated a deal to open gaza's borders. >> in the days arrest we are i will proof conditions -- improve conditions for the people of gaza and provide security for the people of israel. >> and islamist president after two days of diplomacy by
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hillary rodham clinton secretary of state. and they are headed to all being can it is a. if they commemorate, the native occupation, they want to call attention to the true story of thanksgiving. now lots of people are getting ready to hit wrote but i imagine it is pretty light. >> yes, it is light but be care full. please give yourself plenty of extra time . good heading out to the mcarthur maze with no major problems and it is a nice
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looking drive and if you are driving in the south bay, freeways are looking foot with no major issues just yet. >> we had some upper 30s and if it was not for a breeze it would be even cooler towards antioch. and everything is now going up and over except for a few hue clouds and napa airport says dry and over cast and days are very short right now. it may be more of a northerly breeze, temperatures are in the
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60s, sunshine very dry pattern and tuesday looks got a just watch out for the following in the valley, pam. we will talk about a marin county busy which and plus being what a came through with the new england journal of medicine which says they can be finding unnecessary trauma an expense. we will be watching the roads as people are heading places and we had let you know if there are any troubled know itment covering all the details... >> helping you to stat your
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day. and hearing from you 24 and this is ktvu channel 2 morning news complete bay area coverage.
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. good morning, temperatures will be warming up, a little chilly though, 30s and 40s.
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his appearance has earned him one more start two touchdowns against the chicago bears and they have reported jim harbaugh, he will start against the saints this sunday but jim harbaugh refused to announce a starter. >> to me it is an argument between opposing points of view and this is a decision that will -- decision that will be made from a team aspect coming from the same direction. >> the report claims jim harbaugh's zdecision is made because of performance and not due to concussion. and it is the houston detroit lions and they will be taking on their long time rival, dallas cowboys and they
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square off against the new york jets. and they are not ready to influence a decision about a long time family business, ken salazar, 40 year federal lease allowed them to operate inside the sea shore but expires the end of this month. it is a green business that boosts the local economy but as long as it goes against the unspoiled nature of the preserve... that is why i am spending the time working on all of the decision ahead of me. >> he has hinted he is likely to make that decision sooner. mcfarland pled no contest in the august burglary.
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he admitted to taking the apple founder's driver's license and admitted burglarizing several other homes and he will be sentenced in january. the suspect is being held without bail. jonathan dawson appeared in court yesterday in shackles. he and other men are accused of a string of armed robberies including the shooting death of a man. dawson is scheduled to come to court next month to enter a plea. a worker hurt himself while cleaning the roof of space mountain. the man was in a harness when he slipped and slid 20 feet down that roof yesterday morning. he stopped after hitting a barricade at the bottom of that roof but it took firefighters 45 minutes to rescue him.
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he broke his leg, and possibly some ribs. deep trying turkeys has become impossible but very dangerous. they have cautioned people and if it spills it can cause a flash fire. look how fast that happens. if a fire does start don't try to extinguish the flame with water. grease fires can be controlled with baking powder. for more click on the bay area living section. a third person has died from heating -- from eating poisonous mushrooms. they picked them and used them to make soup not knowing they were deadly. latest victim, a 90-year-old
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man and three others became sick. they were diagnosed with breast cancer including routine ma'am grasp. they are likely to result in little necessary. well the number of abortions dropped 5% in 2009 and those figures come from the centers of disease control showed a largest drop in a decade. there were 8 5,000 abortion nationwide and women in their 20s were the most likely to get an abortion. they are also targeting a local supermarket. last night demonstrators rallied outside in oakland and they accused the store of trying to break up the union.
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they organized about a year and a half ago and they responded by the e.verify system. they were forced to use the system after they launched an audit of the company's hiring report. they approved the company's question to sell its products and it means 18,000 people will be losing their jobsment you may want to check the status of your route. bart service will start at 8:00 a.m.s unless you are
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christmas displaying a long 830 testimony. the good morning. -- 8:30. good morning. for the first time there will be some stores open this evening and you may encounter some people going out shopping after they have their dinner so that will be different this year. this is a look at interstate 880 and traffic looks good as you pass the coliseum. if you are drying to get a flight, some people do fly out and it should stay pretty much like this getting across the bridge. 4:50 let's go to steve. >> all right, the recent rain, you get to that type of rain so
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the temperature drive are drove and so far there is just a little bit. skies are clear, we tonight have to worry about 30s and 40s but these will continue to cool off. sunny and nice, maybe breezy out to the valley. in some of those areas you what pick up some breeze and it is going to be close. can looks to be the warmest between 60 and 70 degreet and it it may go until the early end of the month, december.
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well, we begin our warm warm coat try. you can continue, bay street san jose will be digging off the campaign tomorrow on mornings on two. he area, less than 4 e3 to 9:00. the early snow allow them to visit today. police believe he is behind a string the burglars, and we will show you some pictures and tell you which he is behind the
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spring that was attacked. -- string that was attacked.
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. berkeley police are on the hunt for a bandit. he is accused of breaking in and stealing packs of cigarettes. he has been a used of -- accused of a few break-ins in colluding smash and --
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including smash and grabs. sewerage spilled along the great highway wednesday morning. it flooded parts of the beach including the parking area and the pedestrian promenade. the pumping station was ordered to move quickly. the san francisco international auto show, starts today and concept cars -- cars are on date play and you will have time to see it. go to the web link section under hot topics on now if you have a long drive to your turkey festivities, here is more, sal? i think you should be in a good mood if you have to drive
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somewhere. somewhere. not much of a traditional commute although people are working and a lot of people have today off. let's look at 880 north and southbound and traffic continues to look good in both directions as you approach the airport. we have checked out the road sensors and cal trains, let's go. and more rainy conditions left behind, just a watch or two on the fog, breeze in the valley and we'll see a few more 30s popping up in the next hour. high pressure builds may be until the end of the month and maybe some patchy fog, low
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visibilitiability, and a try forecast and this time of year the age still of the sun. 60s on the temperatures, low-to- mid everybody will be close. 60s down in the santa clara valley. otherwise sunny and nice. early bird shoppers countdown the hours and we will have live coverage of the growing holiday shopping controversy. also the holiday spirit of giving on this thanksgiving holiday.
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. we are live in panola where shoppers have been camped out and we will show you where employees have been up all night to get ready for shoppers. and a terrifying

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